Testimonials: Pet Stain Detection Lights

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Nature’s Secret Weapon – The Trusted Brand for Odor Removal

“Wished I had bought yours first!”
I bought your urine detector flashlight. Works great! I purchased one at Petco and thought it worked well until I used yours. Wish I had bought yours first! Thank You
J. Riendeau – New Hampshire

“This one works the best!”
I have bought other pet stain detection lights, similar in size and price (some higher in price), and this one works the best! It’s light has much higher intensity and I can easily spot the problem areas.
P. Brookshier – Idaho

“I’m impressed. It works great!”
I was a bit leery of purchasing your UV urine detection light, fearing that it would provide insufficient illumination (like my current florescent light). I was considering purchasing another extremely powerful light, but decided (due to cost) to try your product. Man, I’m impressed! It works great! Now I have to order some of your Nature’s Secret Weapon dog and cat urine odor/stain remover concentrate.
Lemaire – Oregon

“Great product! Thanks for curing my issue”
I just received your urine detection light and I must say it’s built very robust. I like the battery carriage that comes out from the bottom…easy to open and replace in a minute or two. I waited until it got dark and went out ‘hunting’. I have 3 cats and a new litter of kittens and through this experience, the Mom has strayed from her litter box. I shined the light in corners and certain areas that I see her hanging out and…BINGO…there it was, glowing just like they said in the ad…plain as day! The light is very powerful so you don’t have to bend down to get the desired effect. I found a few spots, cleaned them up and now the house smells nice and fresh and back to normal. Great product! Thanks for curing my issue folks :-)
Gary – New Jersey

“Your pet stain detection light has helped my find all the spots …”
I have 2 cats and for some reason one of them has started urinating on different parts of the house and I did not know where so I had placed air fresheners throughout my house. Your pet stain detection light has helped me find all the spots and your Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover works like a miracle with a clean fresh scent and I removed the air fresheners!
R. Nelson – Tennessee

“Astonished with the results!”
A friend of mine recommended I purchase your UV Pet Urine Detection Light, so I did. After receiving the light I immediately used it and was astonished with the results. It certainly gives me peace of mind to be able to see the trouble areas rather than relying on my nose. Thank you!
L. Rudolph – New Jersey

“Your UV cat & dog urine light shows all the stains!”
Received your UV light and odor remover Special Value Kit. Shipping was very quick. Now about the products … Wow! I should have gotten this a lot sooner. The UV cat & dog urine light shows all the stains! Used my first bottle of Nature’s Secret Weapon urine odor remover and its works as promised. I’m ordering another one right now.
R. Hill – Texas

“It is amazing how well it works!”
I have four cats that are trying to compete and mark their territory. Some of the areas they have marked are easy to detect, but others aren’t. I had a hard time finding the source of unpleasant smells until I purchased your cat urine stain detection light. It is amazing how well it works!
C. Copley – Virginia

“Terrific investment for the professional or pet owner.”
Nature’s Secret Weapon pet stain detector Works Great! Terrific investment for the professional or pet owner.
R. Fairall – California

“Very Pleased!”
We are very pleased with how well our pet urine stain detection light works! Stains can be located without having to get on your hands and knees to get the light close to the stains.
S. Hirschler – New York

“Your UV blacklight works great …”
I originally purchased a UV blacklight to look for scorpions on a recent trip to Arizona. But one night before the trip I thought I would check around the house to see if our pets had gone outside their area. The blacklight helped me find several spots throughout the house, which I was able to spot-treat. Your UV blacklight works great – for hunting scorpions AND finding pet accidents!
Mike H. – Michigan

“It did what it was designed to”
Well, in receiving the total package, I didn’t know what to expect. The first thing that I tried was the UV LED urine stain light and to my surprise, this little light did what it was designed to. It worked well enough without total darkness. As for Nature’s Secret Weapon urine odor remover, it was amazing that with just one treatment, the odor and stain was gone! There aren’t many products of any kind out there that really do what they claim, but I truly can say that the Nature’s Secret Weapon’s products I purchased and personally used, did just that. Thank you!
Aaron – California

“Nature’s Secret Weapon is fantastic!”
Pets have accidents, we all know it. Nature’s Secret Weapon is fantastic! I have a multi-dog household. When I used the black light stain detector on my light colored carpet, I could not believe what was revealed. UUUUUHHHHHHGGGG! Your product eliminated untreated stains in just about and hour. I can’t wait to see how it works on the other stains that have been previously treated with other products tomorrow morning. Thanks to Nature’s Secret Weapon, I may just get my pet deposit back!!!
T. Furtado – California

“Thanks for such a great product!”
We purchased your special UV stain detection light and were amazed at how well it works. Thanks for such a great product!
J. Reich – Pennsylvania

“It worked!”
When I ordered the UV Pet Urine Detection Light, I was a little apprehensive about how well it would work.  I tried it as soon as I received it and it worked!  Now I need to order the Nature’s Secret Weapon dog and cat urine odor/stain remover.
Shobert – California

“Now I clean the correct spots.”
Your urine detection light works great.  I knew there was an old urine spot, but couldn’t find it.  I sure could smell it, but with your light I can now clean the correct spot. The light shows all the urine spots!!
Susan – Maryland

“It does the job”
Your urine detection light relieved our fears.  We have less damage than we thought. Good product.  IT DOES THE JOB! NOT a phony item.
Melle – Washington

“It really is an aid to identifying where odors are coming from”
I purchased your UV cat urine detection flashlight and received it several days later. After installing 3 AAA batteries I tried it out to see exactly where my cat had sprayed. It works excellent. While my bedroom carpeting looked clean (I just cleaned it with a carpet extractor about a month before) you could still see where he had sprayed, and also where he threw-up. I’m embarrassed to say my carpet looked like a litter box. I also used it in my bathroom and was also embarrassed. There’s more “splashing” when peeing that you would think. It really is an aid to identifying where odors are coming from and how clean your house really is.
Bella – Wisconsin

“Detects urine very well”
I used my rug cleaner several times and still smelled urine. Your UV pet urine light detects urine very well so I can find where the little stinkers have had accidents and treat with odor remover before using my rug cleaner.  :-)
Borkovic – Pennsylvania

“Your stain light revealed their best hiding urinals”
Barry – Pennsylvania

“Excellent product”
I ordered the Cat and Dog urine detection light. Excellent product and our company will be ordering 3 more.
F. Dierks – California

“Your light is well worth the money.”
We recently ordered your cat urine detection light. It arrived surprisingly quickly and works amazingly well.  We have two elderly cats and a brand new house.  Both cats have been notorious for their vomit, but only recently the female has been diagnosed with diabetes and has had two serious outside the box urine events.  We do the best we can to clean everything but were afraid we may be missing something. Your light arrived and we were amazed at how many of the vomit areas still showed up despite our previous efforts to clean the carpet. Clearly your light is well worth the money.  Based on the quality of this product we are about to order your Nature’s Secret Weapon odor/stain removal solution. We expect the same level of satisfaction with this product as well. Thank you for your fine customer service and your fine products!
Paris – North Carolina

“It’s a wonderful investment. This thing is great!”
I have a 6 yr old kitty that started messing up in the house. I bought this black light flashlight to see exactly where she did mess up. This thing is great! It’s very portable and it shows up all the places she “visited”. It’s a wonderful investment. Unfortunately for the kitty, it worked so well, I found areas that I didn’t know about.
Rebecca – Ohio

“You literally saved my sanity and my kitties are happier”
With 6 kitties in our new house, our move was a bit stressful to say the least. A stray or two outside didn’t help anything. 3 of my 6 kitties started “going” by a back door on a slate surface. I have cleaned and used every odor elimination product on the market, thinking, OK this time I got it! The smell would creep back and about that time, I would find another puddle. Just to be clear, I am the most skeptical (self -proclaimed) consumer on the planet. I bought your Nature’s Secret Weapon urine odor remover and cat urine detection light (Special Value Kit) with the clear vision that they were just other products that wouldn’t work. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I was wrong. After the 2nd “soaking” with Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover the odor is gone. No smell lingers. The cat box in close proximity is being used regularly.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I almost break out in tears when I walk into my home which no longer reminds me of the bad problems with my kitties. They have so many good qualities. Now I can enjoy them for the wonderful kids they are. Thank you so much for the product. The pet urine detection light also showed me where the biggest problem areas were. I had no idea! I was looking and smelling in all the wrong areas. You literally saved my sanity and my kitties are happier for it as they sense my new found (renewed) happiness!!!
C.  Crawford – Pennsylvania

“I highly recommend this product”
I have a multi-cat household so I’m always interested in pet deodorizing/cleansing products. Until I found Nature’s Secret Weapon, I found the usual products found in pet stores wanting.  Once I purchased the starter kit with the UV black light urine detector (Special Value Kit), I found cleanups much more effective with tremendous results.  I highly recommend this product as the first stop for any pet accidents.
B. Springman – New Jersey

“Great product!”
Great product! It works as described.
J. Brunette – Florida

“Love this product!”
Love this product … would be willing to do a commercial/testimonial.
L. Sturtevant – North Carolina

“It was amazing to find the places I did!”
Amazing so far! I have been smelling cat odors and could not find the location of the stain. With the Special Value Kit it was amazing to find the places I did! Embarrassing, but also an entertaining process of “hide and seek.”
R. Martindale – Colorado

“WOW … we could not believe it!”
I got a new puppy at the end of December and needless to say, she had to be potty trained indoors. She did well on the potty pads, or so I thought, until I used your blacklight stain detector. What we saw was horrific! We used Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover following the directions and WOW … we could not believe it! Our carpets are beautiful and best of all … CLEAN! She is trained now, but I’m ordering a new bottle of Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover to keep on hand for “accidents”. You have great product. I will tell my friends about it … even those without dogs! Thank You!
L. Harmon – Delaware

“I will definitely recommend Nature’s Secret Weapon to my family & friends! “
We just tried Nature’s Secret Weapon and are very pleased with the results. Thank you so much for providing this great quality product! I will definitely recommend Nature’s Secret Weapon to my family & friends!
P. McPhail – North Carolina

“The blacklight stain detector works great!”
Ordering was easy and the product was delivered quickly. The blacklight stain detector works great!
A. Peterson – Florida

“WOW! No more odors.”
I have two poodles. This summer I smelled urine upstairs. I couldn’t find the source to save my life. I Googled black light & came across Nature’s Secret Weapon. You had more than black lights- that’s for sure. I ordered the pet urine stain light and Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover. Following the directions I found the source (on the stairs) treated it and WOW! No more odors. It’s been more than a month now and still NO ODORS. Thanks for such a great product!
Brenda – New Jersey

“Great product for the price!”
Great product for the price! Your UV stain flashlight is compact and easy to carry. Shows stains on the same level as some of the more expensive brands.
B. Clemens – Tennessee

“Worked just as described”
Nature’s Secret Weapon stain detection flashlight worked just as described. Helped me isolate the problem so I was able to take care of it. I have peace of mind that my commercial space is now clean. Thank You!
G. Canfield – Ohio

“The light worked great!”
The light worked great! We could pin point the trouble areas in our rec room caused by our cats. It helped us treat the trouble areas.
Tish – PA

“Your black light works great!”
I have 5 cats, so keeping up with odors is a chore. Your black light works great and Nature’s Secret Weapon smells wonderful!
Sparker – U. S. Armed Forces Europe

“A company that really stands behind its products”
When the Special Value Kit consisting of a pet stain detection light and Nature’s Secret Weapon dog and cat urine odor remover arrived, I was disappointed when the light didn’t work when I turned it on. Thinking that is was just another example of a product not fulfilling its description, I decided to phone the company and speak with customer service. The agent with whom I spoke addressed my concerns, said problems with their stain lights were uncommon and offered to ship another light out the next day. What a pleasant surprise, a company that really stands behind its products!
S. Schultz – Illinois

“Love Your Product!”
I ordered the Contech spray canister and it came very quickly. Love your product!
L. Pape – California