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Advanced Microbiology Research Center

Our advanced microbiology research lab, also known as the Olfactory Research Center, is the secret behind our success. Years of research have gone into the development of our “all natural” odor control formula. This large investment has resulted in a patent pending breakthrough in odor elimination. Other companies make claims that simply aren’t backed by results. From 2010-2011 not 1 bottle of our cat and dog odor remover was returned to us by a customer because it didn’t work!  That’s why Nature’s Secret Weapon™ is “The #1 Brand in Odor Control.

You don’t have to be an olfactics research scientist to know how to handle your odor problems. That’s our job. If you’d like to lean more about how our product works or about odor and how people sense smell, read on. But first we want to share our story about Pepe’.

The Ultimate Odor Test!

Would you consider it amazing if you could “instantly” eliminate skunk odor? That’s exactly what we did at our Olfactory Research Center. In the final testing phase of Nature’s Secret Weapon™ we obtained a poor deceased skunk (Pepe’) whose scent gland had been ruptured by a car on the road.

Pepe’ had unknowingly donated his body to science. Our lab technicians thoroughly sprayed Pepe’ with Nature’s Secret WeaponUltra Concentrate. They were amazed to find that his overpowering odor instantly disappeared. Today, customers use Nature’s Secret Weapon™ routinely for all types of pet odor problems including everyday use for dog and cat urine odor removal. (Read our customer reviews)

How Nature’s Secret Weapon Destroys Odors

The “secret” behind our success, lies in our 3-step odor elimination technology. Nature’s Secret Weapon™ is unlike any odor removal product you’ve ever used. For example our odor remover starts in a base formula of 5 bacillus microbes specially selected for their superior ability for “organic-bioremediation” of cat and dog urine odor. Each gallon of Nature’s Secret Weapon™  contains over 2,000 billion live microbes! Our highly advanced “all natural” formula is very expensive to make, but we believe you’ll agree the results are worth every penny!

  • Step 1 – No one enjoys the smell of pet urine! Not only do pet owners want to get the smell out of their nose, they want to get it out of their mind. That’s exactly why our advanced formula concentrate includes our all natural “fresh scent” which is a wonderful change from the smell of pet urine. When used in your carpet cleaning machine, Nature’s Secret Weapon naturally deodorizes your carpet and leaves it smelling great too!
  • Step 2 – Incorporates our Advanced Odor Encapsulation Technology which instantly microencapsulates odor molecules from any biological source including, dogs, cats, skunks, garbage, kitchens, bathrooms and mildewed clothers, so you can’t smell them. You may have to clean up the source of the odor, but you won’t have to put up with the smell while doing it. It’s amazingly effective!
  • Step 3 – The odor such as dog and cat urine (an organic carbon source) is converted into harmless carbon dioxide and water through an organic process called Organic Bioremediation. This is a process created by nature and perfected by years of microbiological research. The second stage permanently eliminates odors.Our latest improvement is the addition of our new “all natural” fresh scent which has received high reviews from our customers. Not only does Nature’s Secret Weapon instantly remove foul odors, now it leaves a pleasant fragrance that lasts for hours.Nature’s Secret Weapon™ is “certified natural,” 100% biodegradable, and meets “green certification” standards by independent certification agencies. Our products are shipped from our factory in “PetSafe™” biodegradable foam, safe for children, pets, and our environment.Order by Phone Now! (800) 930-7949      Questions? Talk to one of our odor experts today!
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    How Humans Smell Odor

    Smell is the most primitive and perhaps the most powerful of our five senses. Olfaction, the science of smell, is one of the least understood of the five senses, which makes odor management a major challenge. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in olfaction research at our Olfactory Research Center, Nature’s Secret Weapon ™ has been able to meet this challenge resulting in great success with our amazing odor destroying product.Odor is the sensation resulting from stimulation of the olfactory organs. You can learn more about the fascinating science of olfaction at Wikipedia below.
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