How to Use Nature’s Secret Weapon

Getting Rid of Odors Has Never Been Easier!

You no longer have to put up with unpleasant odors from cats, dogs, skunks, raccoons, trash cans, etc. Now, getting rid of any natural odor has never been easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. With just a few of sprays of Nature’s Secret Weapon™, odors “instantly” disappear. We guarantee it!

Easy 3 Step Odor Removal

1. Remove as much of the odor source as possible from surface
2. Spray odor area with Nature’s Secret Weapon™ until wet
3. Keep treated area moist to assist odor removal process

Points to Remember Before Treatment Application

  • Read and follow all  detailed instructions on Nature’s Secret Weapon™ bottles
  • Solutions can be custom mixed for maximum effectiveness on specific odor problems
  • Nature’s Secret Weapon™ is safe for use on any water-safe surface or material
  • For all fabrics and carpets, test for colorfastness before using

How To Order and Questions

Pre-sales Questions: (517) 579-9557 (Speak with an odor expert)
Order by Phone: (800) 930-7949 (Orders only please!)
Order Online: Order Products Here

Specific Application Uses

For instruction on how to use Nature’s Secret Weapon™ on more stubborn odors or for specific application uses, please reference the General FAQ’s Section.