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Black Light Urine Detection Light - UV Pet Urine Detector

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Read Review - Black Light Urine Detection Light
Pet Stain Black Light
“Your inexpensive LED black lights detect urine stains much better than the $250 black lights we have used in the past. Our entire staff....” Read more

Professional Black Light: Pet Urine Detection Light
Finding pet stains is the most important step in removing them!

Our #1 selling pet product outshines fluorescent style UV bulbs sold by other companies.  Unlike other pet urine detection lights, ours is specially designed with circuitry that creates an optimum UV wavelength range for dog and cat urine detection. This professional black light urine detection light makes urine stains really stand out enabling pinpoint treatments. If you're the owner of an outdated older fluorescent type UV light, you should seriously consider upgrading to a black light urine detection light that will find the areas you're missing. Our high quality professional urine detector is economically priced and its high output beam won't leave you in the dark!

Affordable Pet Stain Detection - Reasonably priced, our black light urine detection light makes it affordable for any pet owner to own their own pet urine detector.

With our black light urine detection light, pet stains will typically show up as a dull yellow color prior to being treated. After urine has been treated stains often appear lighter in a white to lime green color.

To get an idea of what urine will look like, visit your bathroom and inspect your toilet with your black light urine detection light for stains. Often you'll see yellow urine stains around the seat and rim of the bowl similar to the color of pet urine. Don't feel bad if you see urine stains because urea crystals are very hard to completely remove.

Our black light urine detection light is something every pet owner should have to find and treat urine stains before they have a chance to set in. After locating your pet's stains you'll want to permanently eliminate them with Nature's Secret Weapon Ultra Concentrate odor remover.

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 Flashlight uses (3) AAA  alkaline batteries (not included)(installation shown below)

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Details - UV Pet Urine Detector

Our UV bulbs have a long-life 10,000 hour bulb life rating. They're ruggedly built out of durable aluminum and easy to  handle at only 3 ½ inches long.

This powerful UV pet urine detector operates for hours on 3 AAA alkaline batteries. It's unlike outdated older fluorescent type UV lights, so you won’t have to crawl on your belly to identify urine stains. When using our UV pet urine detector, care should be taken not to avoid point or reflect UV light directly into your eyes because it can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Installing Batteries: Unscrew cap attached to the hand cord of the UV pet urine detector. Remove battery carrier. Insert (3) AAA alkaline batteries into battery carrier. Place the flat end of each battery towards the spring in each battery compartment. Insert the battery carrier of the UV pet urine detector loading the end with the exposed spring first. Replace cap. Operate the light by pushing the on/off button located on the very end of the light.

Some other uses for our UV pet urine detector include counterfeit currency detection, scorpion collecting and antique identification. ALWAYS KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! Please remember that our UV pet urine detector is a powerful light and not a toy. Keep your UV flashlight in a child-safe place when not being used. At Nature’s Secret Weapon, safety is always our #1 concern.