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Dog and Cat Urine Odor Remover

Documented Testimonials From Our Customers

"Wow ... I should have gotten your products sooner!"
Received your UV urine stain light and Nature’s Secret Weapon urine odor remover Special Value Kit. Shipping was very quick. Now about the products. Wow ... I should have gotten your products sooner! The UV light shows up all the stains! Used my first bottle of Nature’s Secret Weapon urine odor remover, and it works as promised. I'm ordering another one right now.
R. Hill – Texas

"Nothing compares to Nature's Secret Weapon!"
After trying numerous in-store products, nothing compares to Nature’s Secret Weapon! I would recommend nothing but this product to anyone going through the challenge of training young puppies.

Not only does your UV pet stain light track the hidden spots, the scent and spot is instantly gone after using Nature's Secret Weapon odor remover. Cannot thank you enough!
D. Ross – Michigan

"With one treatment the stain was gone!"
Well, in receiving the total package, I didn't know what to expect. The first thing that I tried was the UV LED urine stain light and to my surprise, this little light did what it was designed to. It worked well enough without total darkness.

As for Nature’s Secret Weapon urine odor remover, it was amazing that with just one treatment, the odor and stain was gone! There aren't many products of any kind out there that really do what they claim, but I truly can say that the Nature’s Secret Weapon's products I purchased and personally used, did just that. Thank you!
Aaron – California

"Thanks for a great product!"
I have four kitties. They are mostly good kitties. Recently I took care of a friends two little dogs in my home with the kitties. They got along okay, but there were a few accidents that needed to be taken care of.

You have to find the spots first. Love your UV urine detection light. I sprayed the area with Nature's Secret Weapon, and all the smells are gone. Thanks for a great product!
B. Snyder – Florida

"It definitely eliminates the odor."
I use Nature's Secret Weapon all the time as I have some very ill-mannered pets. No other brand works like this does.
J. Miller – New Hampshire

"I am extremely pleased!"
Nature's Secret Weapon saved my sanity. I have a multi cat household and there are times I can smell mishaps, but can't locate them.  I now do a nightly sweep with the cat urine black light to keep ahead of the cleaning.

Surprisingly, during my initial sweep, I found more issues than I expected.  I can honestly say I didn't expect much from this Special Value Kit, but I am extremely pleased with Nature's Secret Weapon! The odor remover has a very light scent and does not linger like other products. No doubt I will be back for more!
D. Matuszewhki – Pennsylvania

"The flooring salesman recommended Nature's Secret Weapon"
At the time of my first purchase we had two inside cats and two boxers who were also inside pets. Nature’s Secret Weapon allowed me to feel comfortable having company knowing that my house didn't smell like the vets office! 

When we had laminate floors installed in a portion of the house, we asked the flooring salesman how he controlled pet odors in his own home. He actually recommended Nature's Secret Weapon!
S. Milhollin – Texas

"WOW! No more odors."
I have two poodles. This summer I smelled urine upstairs. I couldn't find the source to save my life. I Googled black light & came across Nature’s Secret Weapon. You had more than black lights- that's for sure.

I ordered the pet urine stain light and Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover. Following the directions I found the source (on the stairs) treated it and WOW! No more odors. It’s been more than a month now and still NO ODORS. Thanks for such a great product! 
Brenda – New Jersey

"This is amazing stuff."
I am very happy with the Nature's Secret Weapon odor remover. It took my cat urine odor out completely. I have used several other products that claim the same thing but never delivered.
D. Lorg – Kansas

"I highly recommend this product"
I have a multi-cat household so I’m always interested in pet deodorizing/cleansing products. Until I found Nature’s Secret Weapon, I found the usual products found in pet stores wanting. 

Once I purchased the starter kit with the UV black light urine detector (Special Value Kit), I found cleanups much more effective with tremendous results.  I highly recommend this product as the first stop for any pet accidents.
B. Springman – New Jersey

"Your products have helped me tremendously"
I have six cats and had always tried to keep ahead of them as far as safety, litter odor carpet cleaning, etc.  I love my kitties, but they can be a bit messy and get into places they need not go. 

Your products (Nature's Secret Weapon odor remover, UV pet urine detector & StayAway pet deterrent) have helped me tremendously with all these issues. I love your products. 
K. Foresman – New Hampshire

"Really works great for me"
Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover really works great for me. Thanks!
Becky – Illinois

"You literally saved my sanity and my kitties are happier"
With 6 kitties in our new house, our move was a bit stressful to say the least. A stray or two outside didn't help anything. 3 of my 6 kitties started "going" by a back door on a slate surface. I have cleaned and used every odor elimination product on the market, thinking, OK this time I got it! The smell would creep back and about that time, I would find another puddle.

Just to be clear, I am the most skeptical (self -proclaimed) consumer on the planet. I bought your Nature’s Secret Weapon urine odor remover and cat urine detection light (Special Value Kit) with the clear vision that they were just other products that wouldn't work. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I was wrong. After the 2nd "soaking" with Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover the odor is gone. No smell lingers. The cat box in close proximity is being used regularly.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I almost break out in tears when I walk into my home which no longer reminds me of the bad problems with my kitties. They have so many good qualities. Now I can enjoy them for the wonderful kids they are. Thank you so much for the product. The pet urine detection light also showed me where the biggest problem areas were. I had no idea! I was looking and smelling in all the wrong areas. You literally saved my sanity and my kitties are happier for it as they sense my new found (renewed) happiness!!!
C.  Crawford – Pennsylvania

"Excellent product!"
I have used Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover in several areas in the home where I have smelled cat urine. It took the odor completely away. Great product, I’m going to continue using it.
Lorg – Kansas

"I would highly recommend this product"
I recently was searching the web urgently looking for a product to use for the elimination of cat odor.  I readily came upon Nature's Secret Weapon. I decided to order the product and was totally satisfied with the results I received from its use.

The product was true to its claims. Also, the product was very economical and readily available. I would highly recommend this product to anyone faced with a similar dilemma.  The customer service department is exceptional, responds fast and has great knowledge in solving pet odor problems.
M. Mechaw – Alabama

"This product is amazing!"
We got a new cat and our older two started "acting out" by using our dining room carpet as a litter box. We discovered this when we returned from a weekend trip. It was horrible. I was certain we'd have to replace the carpet.

After one application, I noticed a SIGNIFICANT improvement. After the second, I can't detect anything! This product is amazing!
G. Greenway - Kansas

"The odor was quickly gone and has not returned."
Nature’s Secret Weapon has been my go-to product for several years now. The ability of the product to kill any odor on contact makes it very useful around the house. I use it on my garbage cans in the summer and they are odor free quickly. I love to use Natures Secret Weapon in my carpet cleaner when I am removing urine out of a carpet. I only keep plain water or a solution of Nature’s Secret Weapon in the carpet cleaner tank; if I need to use a spot remover, I spot treat with a spray bottle.

Recently one of my co-workers forgot a restaurant leftover food bag in her trunk that sat over the weekend. In 90 degree heat it quickly smelled the entire car up.  I mixed up a 1:10 ratio of Nature’s Secret Weapon and sprayed the trunk and car interior down.  The odor was quickly gone and has not returned.  My friend was very grateful. I find the product so useful with so many applications I recommend it all the time to friends and family. 
T. Aabey-Hammond – Ohio

"I think this product is incredible"
I have a cat that has a serious litter box issue. I have tried everything to help her and have had no luck.  Nature’s Secret Weapon is the only product that has taken care of the smell all together.

I think this product is incredible and I will always have some on hand and recommend it to any and all who have litter box issues.  When used as directed, it works like magic :-)
S. Metzger – North Dakota

"Excellent customer service!"
I found Nature’s Secret Weapon on a search and I'm so glad I did! I have 2 cats and 3 dogs and look forward to using these products.

I called the company with questions and the customer representative was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. He was very knowledgeable and polite. Excellent customer service!
K. Quinn  – New York

"A company that really stands behind its products"
When the Special Value Kit consisting of a pet stain detection light and Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover arrived, I was disappointed when the light didn't work when I turned it on. Thinking that is was just another example of a product not fulfilling its description, I decided to phone the company and speak with customer service.

The agent with whom I spoke addressed my concerns, said problems with their stain lights were uncommon and offered to ship another light out the next day. What a pleasant surprise, a company that really stands behind its products!
S. Schultz – Illinois

"Nature's Secret Weapon UV light has been a life-saver!"
I have a female cat and recently adopted another female cat who had been confiscated from a hoarder. All went well for a couple of weeks, and then the turf battle began, which was fought by spraying and pooping. What a pain!

I ordered the pet stain detection light and with Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover, I have been able to eliminate the past stains and keep up with new ones. Now if they'll just learn to co-exist! In the meantime, the Nature's Secret Weapon UV light has been a life-saver! It's compact, and really lights up the stains in a dark room. The one caveat: The batteries are hard to put in correctly. But I eventually got it to work.
H. Denton – Alaska

"Great product!"
I was quite pleased with how Nature’s Secret Weapon cat urine odor remover performed on cat urine odor. I know it did more than just cover up the odor, it actually removed it! Great product!
Harless – Ohio

"Nature's Secret Weapon is just what I've been looking for"
I just talked with Customer Service and the gentleman that I spoke to was so very nice. I just received my order yesterday for a Special Value Kit consisting of a UV black light for pet stains and Nature's Secret Weapon pet urine odor remover.

I put the batteries in the light, which is a GREAT size and I will be taking it with me to hotels, started walking through my house and was appalled at what I saw. I knew there was urine around, just not EVERYWHERE. Mostly it is on the edges of the carpet. I have a Yorkie that has been difficult to house train.

Today my main goal will be to clean the carpet in the upstairs bathroom my cat has all but ruined (to be continued). After speaking to Customer Service this AM, I know this product is just what I've been looking for. THANK YOU in advance. I received my order very quickly!!
C. Curran - California

"Now the smell is gone"
We have a new rescue who was reportedly house-broken. Well it wasn't true. The new dog is primarily peeing in one area.

We soaked the area with a six to one solution of Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover. At first it smelled much better, but then the smell came back. We soaked it again with the recommended 3 to one solution of  Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover and left it covered with plastic.

Now the smell is gone. There is a little fragrance from the solution, but it's a pleasant one. We plan to follow up by shampooing the carpet.
R. Rigney - California

"Love this product!"
Love this product ...would be willing to do a commercial/testimonial.
L. Sturtevant – North Carolina

"I will definitely recommend Nature's Secret Weapon to my family & friends!"
We just tried Nature's Secret Weapon odor remover and are very pleased with the results. Thank you so much for providing this great quality product! I will definitely recommend Nature's Secret Weapon to my family & friends!
P. McPhail – North Carolina

"Great product!"
Nature's Secret Weapon is areat product! Works as described.
J. Brunette – Florida

"Nature's Secret Weapon is fantastic!"
Pets have accidents, we all know it. Nature's Secret Weapon is fantastic! I have a multi-dog household. When I used the UV LED black light on my light colored carpet I could not believe what was revealed. UUUUUHHHHHHGGGG!

Nature's Secret Weapon eliminated untreated stains in just about an hour. I can't wait to see how it works on the other stains that have been previously treated with other products tomorrow morning. Thanks to Nature's Secret Weapon, I may just get my pet deposit back!!!
T. Furtado – California

"Finally, something that works!"
My 13 year old Labrador had a bad accident in my living room on my almost new Berber carpet. Then the cat decided to put his scent on it as well. It was a week yesterday.

I have tried enzyme treatments for the odor as well as a professional carpet cleaning company. At that point I had spent almost $300.00. I was facing pulling up my carpet and replacing it. Then I called Nature's Secret Weapon and talked with Lyle. I followed his instructions and like magic, the smell of cat urine in the one spot is gone. It is still working on the really concentrated urine spot as I write this, but it has improved drastically! 

Finally something that works! I am ordering another bottle to have on hand to use in place of carpet cleaner. This stuff is great! I really thought any hope of saving my carpet was gone. I will tell you, buying a 32oz. bottle of Nature's Secret Weapon pet odor remover for $39.95, sure beats spending $2,000 on new carpeting!!!

With Nature's Secret Weapon my over sensitive sense of smell is no longer driving me crazy. My Lab and I love the natural fresh scent it leaves too.THANK YOU!!!!
L. Strand – Pennsylvania

"Nature's Secret Weapon worked the best!"
I am a real estate investor. I found a foreclosure that had potential, but had a terrible pet urine odor problem.

After researching several products online I decided to try several of them. I ripped out some old nasty carpet tack strip and put pieces of it in several ziploc bags and then tried a different product in each bag. After letting it soak overnight, I removed the strip and let it air dry. I tried: Out! Hardsurface Stain and Odor remover from Walmart--it didn't work at all. Simple Solutions Urine Destroyer helped a little, but after a couple days I could still catch a whiff of the urine smell. Pureayre 2X didn't work either. 

I even  called a commercial supplier that sent me Matrix Bottom Line Pet Odor Eliminator--initially it  smelled the best, but after it dried out the pet odor remained. 

Nature's Secret Weapon worked the best!  It has a stronger fragrance than I would like, but after a few days it is starting to mellow a little, and I am hopeful that it has permanently eliminated the pet odor smell. I used it full strength because of the severity of the problem, and have now gone back and tried a bag that was diluted 1 to 3. I don't think it worked quite as well so will try 1 to1 to see if that is the right balance.

Thanks for your product! I was beginning to lose hope that there was anything that could save this house.
J. Dutton – Colorado

"It was amazing to find the places I did!"
Amazing so far! I have been smelling cat odors and could not find the location of the stain. With the Special Value Kit it was amazing to find the places I did! Embarrassing, but also an entertaining process of "hide and seek.
R. Martindale – Colorado

"I can't wait to use it!"
I can't begin to tell you what a pleasant experience I had when I called Nature’s Secret Weapon. I spoke with Lyle in Customer Service. Of course, I had a lot of questions regarding the removal of pet urine. Lyle gave me all the details I wanted to know.

I ended up ordering the Special Value Kit with the UV LED blacklight and 16oz of Nature's Secret Weapon urine odor remover.  I can't wait to use it.
J. Hargrove – Texas